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Kumdo - Kummooyeh

Here at Pil-Sung we train in a combination of Korean sword styles with our main concentration in Kummooyeh, which is lead by Grand Master Bouk soo Joung. Kummooyeh, called Kumdo in short, is composed of many types of training, such as meditation, basic movements, sword patterns, cutting and sparring techniques. Each type has a different purpose for developing Kumdo students. The techniques of Kumdo are a modern adaptation of sword techniques described in a Korean text Mooyeh Dobo Tong Ji (comprehensive illustrated manual of martial arts) and the amalgamation of techniques from other Korean martial arts. The techniques and movements of Kumdo are beautiful and dynamic, with a balance of speed, power and accuracy and oneness with Body, Mind and Spirit. Kumdo, like other martial arts, requires discipline and a dedication to training. A new student begins with learning the basics such as etiquette, different postures and footwork, and how to properly swing and cut with a sword.

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Spiritual Practice Disciplines

Weh Gong training is the physical exercise that demands the mastery of the human body. At the start of our journey we learn body mechanics, self defense techniques, and training methodologies to help stretch, strengthen, and increase eye-hand coordination.

Weh Gong is focused on the Body and external influences


Nei Gong training is the overall health of an individual. Kummooyeh teaches basic health principles such as good diet, sufficient rest, and abstaining from harmful substances. You will also learn proper breath control that increases a person’s vitality. The various ki gong exercises that are taught are also used in Tai Chi and accupuncture.

Weh Gong is focused on the Mind and internal influences


Shim Gong training includes both your mental and spiritual well-being. Kummooyeh teaches a wide array of meditation techniques that help build your concentration and help alleviate unneeded stress. Shim Gong is often considered your “intent” or your “will”. Through your training, you will learn to give meaning and purpose to everything you do both during training and in every day life.

Weh Gong is focused on the Will and Indominal Spirit

           Filial Piety

Sword Techniques

5th Evaluation November 14th 2013

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Kummooyeh Lineage

  •   Grandmaster Bouk Soo Joung

            Grandmaster Bouk Soo Joung has trained a wide range of martial arts including Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kendo and Kumdo for over 40 years. He has focused primarily on studying Traditional Korean Sword Training and introducing real sword techniques since he was absorbed in practicing live sword training in 1991.